Bogpakke - Law is All Around with supplement

Bogpakke - Law is All Around with supplement

Forfatter: Anne Marie Herforth
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivelsesår: 2016 og 2019
Udgiver: AMHE Consult
Varenummer: amhrab01
En samlet pakke med bøgerne Law is all Around og suplementet, der introducerer 2018-revisionen af AB, ABR, ABT 18 samt AB og ABR forenklet.

Bøgerne er oprindeligt skabt som lærebøger. Law is all Around henvender sig til alle, som har en praktisk tilgang til anvendelse jura i byggeri, og som gerne vil have de engelske termer sat ind i en dansk juridisk sammenhæng. Du får er en introduktion til de juridiske discipliner, som sætter rammen om aftaleindgåelse i dansk byggeri.

Law is all Around:
The book is originally written as a text book. Law is all around is aimed at anyone who has a practical approach to the use of law in construction, and who wish to apply the correct English terms in a Danish legal context. The book is an introduction to the legal disciplines framing construction as contained in the syllabuses of the educations the Architectural Technology & Construction Management Bachelor degree in Denmark, as well as students specializing in Building Management at Aalborg University. It is a practical handbook, not an academic elaboration of Danish law. The book is equipped with a practical spiral back and the layout is with a broad margin for making notes.

The book offers:
- a short story of the development of the Danish legal system,
- an introduction to Danish public policy and basic legislation,
- and a more detailed, however not elaborate, introduction into the General Conditions forming the content foundation of Danish construction Contracts for technical advisers as well as contractors.

Supplement to Law is all Around:
Revisions of the GC89, GC92 and GC93 by 2018.

This text book is a supplement to the book Law is all Around - An introduction to the legal tool box of Danish Construction.

Both students and practitioners specializing in construction management and industry will find this practical handbook very helpful. It is not an academic elaboration of Danish law.

The reason for the supplement is a revision in 2018 of the Agreed Documents, known as GC92, GC93 and GC89, that form the basis of contractual content in client's agreements with consultants and contractors, and further in subrelations. These Agreed Documents that were introduced in Law is all Around will still be alive and kicking for another decade or more. Thus, the parties of Danish construction must be able to navigate in two parallel GC-systems. In this textbook the old version is referred to by "GCs" and the new versions as the "AB-system" or derivative thereof.

This new supplement offers:
- an introduction to the new system of Agreed Documents, including all versions and appendices, and
- a more detailed, however not elaborate, introduction to the major changes in the GC89 (now ABR 18), GC92 (now AB 18) and GC93 (now ABT 18)
- an introduction to the ABR and AB light regime
- an introduction to the four appendices